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Clinical Pediatrics is a body that was set up in 2005 with the aim of disseminating knowledge about care of children during health and disease. It is a partnership firm, the partners being Dr Y K Amdekar, Dr R D Khare, and Dr R R Chokhani. We have published many books over the years. Our series of 3 books titled 'Lessons from the Grand Rounds', ''Lessons from the Grand Rounds 2', and 'Lessons from the Grand Rounds for Office Practice', have become a brand in itself. They have benefited thousands of pediatric post graduate students, pediatricians and family physicians all over the country and abroad. More than 40,000 copies of these books have been sold so far. Currently, these books are available through Jaypee Bros. and through National Book Depot.

Our methods of spreading knowledge are not limited to books. We also conduct numerous lectures and teaching sessions. We conduct teaching sessions for pediatric post graduate students every Thursday since years. For the last 4 years these sessions are being webcast live all over the world. In 2010, we started conducting a module called 'STEER - Sensitizing to Think, Enabling Excellence and Rationality'. At this time, we added Dr Anand K Shandilya as a faculty to our group. This is a 6 hour totally interactive module in the form of case scenarios that makes the participant think and revise his concepts. This program has been a huge success and has been conducted more than 100 times so far (with an approximate collective attendance of 15000 doctors), at various cities all over India and has been conducted even at Dubai. On repeated requests from participants of STEER module to provide them with some revision tool, we came out with the book STEER in 2014 which has again been a huge success. All these books were for doctors who were caring for children. The book 'Even when there is a doctor' is our latest, and carries our passion for spreading knowledge to people beyond the medical community; it is for parents i.e. lay people.

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